VIDEO: Suspect Caught Allegedly Burglarizing Vehicle in Union

A resident of town has a motion activated camera in his car and it captured 2 people burglarizing his car on 7/24 in the early morning hours. We would like to identify the men in the video Union County Police said.

At about 18 seconds in, there is a good image of the burglar in the passenger seat. Police say If you recognize him--let them know.

You can send a private message, or you can call and speak to a Detective at 908-851-5030.

The lead Detective is Sergio Pereira and he can be reached at:

There has been an increase in the thefts of high end motor vehicles from Monmouth to Sussex Counties and as far west as Hunterdon.

We have not had many of those kinds of thefts, but the suspects are passing through our town.
Remember to lock your car doors and not to leave valuables in sight in your car.