Scratch-Offs Players Received More Than $101.7 Million in Prizes in November

TRENTON – When Maria L. of Browns Mills plays lottery games, she usually looks over the options and picks a few $1 or $2 Scratch-Off tickets that strike her eye.

On this particular trip to the food store, she opted to give the bigger tickets a chance and told the retailer she wanted a $52,000,000 Gold Payout ticket.

Maria took the ticket and her groceries to the car and scratched away to look for a prize before leaving the parking lot.

She scratched her way through the ticket checking her numbers as she went, eventually coming across a matching number. After scratching the prize, Maria was truly shocked – in her hands was a top prize-winning ticket worth $1,000,000.

Maria felt it was too good to be true, so later she asked all of her family members to check her ticket for her. They all couldn’t believe she had won, but everyone agreed that it was indeed a winning ticket.

Maria told lottery officials that she was still in disbelief and thrilled. This win would be a great early holiday gift, but she doesn’t have any specific plans for her winnings yet.

The New Jersey Lottery retailer that sold the winning ticket was Super Deals Food Market, 3614 Marlton Pike, Pennsauken in Camden.

New Jersey Lottery players claimed more than $101.7 million in prizes playing Scratch-Off games in November. Below is a listing of the top prizes over $10,000 won for the month.