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Newark Man Arrested for Multiple Vehicle Burglaries in Bloomfield

By rlsmetro on

According to Bloomfield Police officials, on January 23, 2021, officers took a report of a stolen motor vehicle from the area of 458 Beardsley Avenue and that same week, police investigated three other automobile burglaries that occurred sometime in the overnight hours. 

Officials said those burglaries took place in the area of LaFrance Ave, North 15th Street. and Floyd Avenue.

Bloomfield Police Crime Scene Unit processed the vehicles and were able to lift latent prints from their interiors.

On March 3, 2021, officials said the detectives received a confirmation from the NJ State Police Lab on a latent print hit that was recovered from inside of the stolen vehicle. Detectives were able to build probable cause with the print hit and surveillance video of the below suspect Mr. Tyquill Warren.

According to police, on March 29, 2021, detectives responded to Mr. Warren’s Newark residence, armed with an arrest warrant and apprehended him without incident.

Mr. Warren was transported to Bloomfield Police Headquarters where he was interviewed and gave a full confession to Detectives of his involvement in all of the below incidents:

-1/23/2021, charged with burglary into auto at 244 North 15th St.

-1/23/2021, charged with receiving stolen property (MV) at 458 Beardsley Ave.     

-1/23/2021, charged with burglary into auto at 95 LaFrance Ave.

-1/23/2021, charged with burglary into auto at 126 Floyd Ave.           

-3/19/2021, charged with burglary into auto & CC Fraud @at 236 Ampere Parkway

“I want to commend our crime scene detectives for their diligent work that led to this arrest with multiple charges,” said Bloomfield Public Safety Director Sam DeMaio.

“We will always use all resources and technology available to bring those who prey on our township to justice.”