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Jackson Man Arrested in Nutley After Taking Photos Impersonating Police

By kcora on
Nutley Jackson Township

A 19-year-old Jackson man was taken into custody after police say he took photos of himself dressed up as a police officer all while posing with a fake gun.

According to Nutley police, they received photos of Christopher Ciccone wearing police attire with a badge around his neck, reportedly impersonating a police officer while allegedly in possession of a gun.

Ciccone on Sept. 2, was pulled over while in a silver Ford Crown Victoria in Nutley. According to police, he was found in possession of the badge, handcuffs, a dash cam, flashing light, police scanner, and replica 9 mm Beretta, with two magazines filled with blanks.

He was taken into custody and charged with impersonating a police officer and possession of prohibited weapons and was later released pending a court hearing.

Police added, that they do not believe Ciccone attempted to interact with anyone while dressed in the attire but rather just share the photographs.

The incident remains under investigation.