BREAKING: Franklin Lakes Teacher Strike Cancels School for Students

Offcials at the Franklin Lakes Schools public schools cancelled classes after teachers walked out of class in protest of health benefits.

According to the Franklin Lakes Education Association, their contract expired almost two years ago.

Officlas say the four schools in the district, Franklin Avenue Middle, High Mountain Road, Colonial Road and Woodside Avenue, are closed but officials say the strike does not affect any of the high schools in Franklin Lakes, as those are regional schools.

The Franklin Lakes Educational Association stated the following on their website:

“Franklin Lakes teachers and ESPs can not afford continued negative net take-home pay! Oakland, Allendale, Mahwah, Ridgewood, Waldwick, and Lyndhurst BOEs provided PERMANENT financial relief for their staff. It's time for the Franklin Lakes BOE to do the same!”

Union official say factual updates about negotiations between the Franklin Lakes Board of Education and the Franklin Lakes Education Association are as follow:

The update issued by the Board of Education about the mediation meeting that took place on Wednesday, September 27, 2018, is not only inaccurate, but misleading.

FACT: Both sides agreed to mediation as a more expedient way to reach a contract settlement. A non-binding, formal fact-finding report can take months to materialize.

FACT: The fact finder was in control of the process and how to proceed on all issues. At the beginning of the evening, our Field Representative, Joseph Tondi, met with the Board of Education’s attorney, Stephen Fogarty, and the fact finder / mediator, Michael Pecklers. It is the fact finder / mediator who is in charge of all issues and how to proceed with negotiations. There is absolutely no truth that the Association was in control of the process. It was the fact finder / mediator who controlled the process and agreed that Chapter 78 relief should be the top priority.

FACT: The Board of Education did not provide a formula for adequate funding beyond the first year of relief, which would need to take into consideration changes in personnel and levels of coverage.

FACT: In an attempt to better understand the financial effects of the Board’s Chapter 78 proposal on our members, FLEA also sought information about the Board’s salary guide proposal. The Board REFUSED to provide this information.

FACT: The fact finder / mediator then ended the meeting.