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Belleville Senior Center Receiving $30K Facelift at No Expense to Township Taxpayers

By rlsmetro on

The Township Senior Center on Franklin Avenue is getting a $30,000 facelift that will feature new floors, doors and color.

The renovations also include replacing locks on the kitchen cabinets, fixing a leaky sink, solving phone issues at the center, moving a refrigerator out of the main room and exploring aesthetic upgrades to the side entrance.

Because the project will use revenue from a developer’s agreement earmarked for local community upgrades in the surrounding neighborhood, no taxpayer dollars will be used.

Before renovations began, Mayor Michael Melham met with leaders of local senior citizen organizations to solicit input regarding what upgrades are needed.

Seniors assisted in selecting floor type and the color of the paint to freshen up the walls.

Additionally, funding from the developer’s agreement will be earmarked for work on the Little League field and to make a donation to the Disabled American Veterans Hall.

“In the post-COVID world, our senior population – our greatest treasure - will have a bright, vibrant place in which our residents can socialize,” Melham said.

“It feels even more gratifying to provide these upgrades at no cost to our taxpayers.”

Work has already started on the project, to be completed early next year.