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World's Tallest Pendulum Ride is Coming to NJ

By kcora on
New Jersey Jackson Township

Six Flags Great Adventure today announced the launch of a brand new spinning pendulum ride for the 2019 season.

WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth will be the tallest pendulum ride in the world, reaching gravity-defying heights up to 17 stories in the air. On this sinister new adventure, you'll sit in floorless seats on the outside of a giant circular disk that swings back and forth and spins round and round.

According to a statement released by Six Flags Great Adventure, the pendulum will sway higher and higher, reaching speeds up to 75 miles per hour as you plummet back down with stomach-tightening weightlessness. While you swing, the disk will also rotate around counterclockwise.

WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth will debut in summer 2019.