Woman Charged with Robbery, 'Boosting' Hundreds of Dollars in Merchandise from Stores in Orange

Orange Police officers took a woman into custody and charged her with robbery after she was caught in a physical confrontation with the owner of a store who allegedly caught her stealing items from a store in the city on Thursday.

According to police officials, an officer was dispatched to a call for a robbery in the area of North Center and Main Street just before 4:05 p.m.

Upon arrival to the area, the officer observed a male and female in a physical struggle at that location. Officials say the officer exited his cruiser and immediately separated the two parties.

After a preliminary investigation, the officer learned that the female involved in the struggle was a robbery suspect that occurred at 257 Main Street and the male was the store owner who said he observed the woman taking items form the establishment and tried to stop her. "The woman allegedly became physically violent when asked to put the items back".

The woman, later identified as Ms. Melisha Hogan, 46, of Orange was found her in possession of over $100 of merchandise that belonged to the store in which she did not pay for according to police.

After police searched Hogan’s bag, officials say they also found items that she had boosted from the Rainbow store on Main Street and other items from another unidentified store in Orange.

Rainbow store officials confirmed that Hogan items from the establishment earlier in the day.

Police officials said, while investigating the incident, Hogan gave the officers several aliases to hide her true identity and avoid prosecution.

Ms. Hogan was arrested and charged with Ms. Hogan was charged with : 2C: 15-1A (3) - Robbery (1) 2C: 20-2B (3) - Theft (1) 2C: 18-3B - Defiant Criminal Trespassing (2) 2C: 29-3B (4) - Hindering ( Giving False Information )

UPDATE: The suspect’s proper name is Melisha Hogan and not ’Melisha Monk’. Her age is 34 and not 46. Police said Ms. Hogan gave the fake identification and has been charged with that as well