Woman Among Several Injured in Separate Overnight Paterson Shootings

Police in Paterson are investigating two separate shootings that injured several people including a woman overnight in the city.

According to police, in the first incident police were called to a house in the 70's block of 12th Avenue after receiving reports of shots fired.

Units arriving at the scene found a 57-year-old Woman suffering gunshot injuries to the stomach. EMS rushed the woman to St. Joseph's Hospital where doctors treated serious injuries.

Police set up a crime scene where they focused their attention on a two-story house removing several pieces of evidence from the residence. Police recovered a gun and shell casings.

The motive for the shooting remains under investigation.

In the other shooting incident, hospital officials at St. Joseph's contacted police when as many as four victims suffering gunshot wounds entered the hospital's emergency room suffering various gunshot wounds.

Police arrived at the hospital and were informed of a crime scene in the vicinity of Mercer and Franklin streets.

Reports said the victims are between the ages of 14-30 years old.

None of the injuries were immediately reported as life-threatening at this time.

12th Avenue, Paterson, NJ