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Wildfire Burning Out of Control in Ocean County

Manchester Township



By: Ricard L. Smith 

Dozens of firefighters in Ocean County are battling a massive wildfire that engulfed acres of brush in Manchester, NJ, overnight. 

Raging flames and thick smoke billowed high into the sky as the massive wildfire engulfed the area, leaving firefighters struggling to contain the blaze.

The fire broke out around 6:30 p.m. and spread rapidly due to the dry and windy conditions. Authorities warn people to stay away from the area as the situation is quickly deteriorating, with only 10 percent of the blaze being declared under control.

The sheer force of the blaze is leaving firefighters struggling to gain control, with flames leaping up to 50 feet high in some areas.

According to local officials, the fire is being fueled by a combination of high winds and dry vegetation.

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The flames have spread rapidly through the surrounding woods, and the authorities have issued an urgent warning to all residents to evacuate immediately.

As firefighters work tirelessly to contain the blaze, emergency responders are evacuating residents from their homes and businesses.

Residents in Lakehurst has been told to return to their homes early this morning. 

The air is thick with smoke and ash, making breathing difficult for residents. Firefighters are battling the blaze on multiple fronts, using helicopters to drop water from above and ground crews to fight the flames from below.

The blaze has already burned through thousands of acres of land, and officials fear it could continue to spread in the coming days. Authorities are asking residents to be vigilant and to report any signs of fire immediately.

Residents forced to evacuate their homes are in shock and disbelief. Many of them have lost everything they own and are struggling to deal with the disaster. Despite the devastation, there have been no reports of any fatalities, and emergency responders are doing all they can to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Officials at the National Weather Service said the wildfire in Manchester is a stark reminder of the dangers of dry conditions and high winds.

Police are urging residents to be cautious and to take all necessary precautions to prevent fires from starting.