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UPDATE: Suspects Sought in Armed Robbery of Business in Orange 


By: Richard L. Smith

The Orange Police Department is actively investigating a bold armed robbery that took place at the "El Gavilan Sport" retail store, located at 37 North Center Street, Orange.Real EstateThe incident occurred yesterday, January 30, at approximately 5:57 p.m., leaving the local community in shock.

In the past two years, the Orange community has witnessed a dramatic reduction in crime rates due to intensified police enforcement and advanced patrolling strategies.

This progress has rendered incidents like the recent armed robbery a rarity, highlighting the effectiveness of the town's crime prevention measures.

During the encounter, police say surveillance footage captured the moments when two armed suspects entered the store, instilling fear and chaos.

They managed to escape with a substantial haul, totaling $5,730.91 in U.S. currency, taken from both cash registers of the store.

The Orange Police Department has emphasized the seriousness of this crime, noting that the men were armed with guns and are considered highly dangerous.

Police say suspect #1 was seen carrying a black handgun and was clad in a dark hooded puffer jacket, a baseball cap with a white brim, a white face covering, black gloves, a red shirt, dark blue denim pants, and red sneakers.

The other assailant was also heavily disguised, wearing a black hooded jacket, a black ski mask, black gloves, black pants with a distinctive white strip,e and a possible Puma logo, accompanied by red sneakers.

A notable detail shared by the police is the unique style of red sneakers worn by both suspects, identified as Puma Pacers.

These sneakers are distinctive with their slip-on style, soft fabric finish, white soles, and a black heel with white lettering, potentially as a crucial clue in identifying the perpetrators.

After committing the robbery, police say the suspects were seen fleeing the scene on foot.

They navigated through Lot #1 at 16 North Day Street and exited onto William Street. The police are combing through all available evidence and are calling on anyone with information to come forward.

The Orange Police Department urges the public to exercise caution and report any sightings or knowledge about the suspects. 

The investigation is ongoing, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.Real Estate