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UPDATE: Shooting at Newark Banquet Hall Ends in Crash, Injuries, Causes Power Outage


By: Richard L. Smith

Newark police are intensively investigating a shooting at the Family Manor Restaurant, doubling as a banquet hall in the city's West Ward.AdThe event, reported at approximately 3:04 a.m. on Monday, has resulted in injuries to three individuals and triggered a temporary power outage due to a subsequent vehicle crash.

Upon responding to the scene on the 700 block of Sanford Avenue following reports of gunfire, officers discovered a male victim suffering from gunshot wounds within a private vehicle.

In a desperate bid to reach medical care at University Hospital, police said the vehicle transporting the wounded man was involved in a collision with another vehicle, ultimately overturning and striking a light pole and transformer.

This collision led to a localized power outage, adding to the chaos of the early morning.

Newark Firefighters were called into action, extracting the male gunshot victim from the damaged vehicle.

Both he and the driver, along with a female passenger who was not injured by gunfire, were rushed to University Hospital.Ad Authorities have confirmed that all three individuals are in stable condition following the incident.

The investigation into the shooting and the circumstances surrounding the crash continues as law enforcement seeks to understand the details of this incident. 

 Newark Police are urging anyone with information related to the shooting or the events that followed to come forward as they work to bring clarity and resolution to this case.