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UPDATE: Shooting Locksdown Three Schools in East Orange

East Orange

By: Richard L. Smith 

East Orange Police are actively searching for a suspect who discharged multiple rounds on a street adjacent to three schools, sending some panic from residents in the community.

AdThe unsettling incident occurred around 12:05 p.m.when according to East Orange Police, at least four gunshots were fired in close proximity to the school.

The abrupt sound of gunfire startled students and residents. Police said Campus High, Hart Middle, and Wahlstrom Academy were all locked down.

The suspect responsible for the shooting quickly fled the scene and is currently at large.

It remains unclear who the shooter's intended target was, as no victim has been identified, and no specific suspect has been named at this point.

East Orange authorities are diligently investigating the incident, seeking to unravel the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

The community is on alert, and local law enforcement is committed to ensuring safety as the investigation continues.