UPDATE: Police Lockdown Union High School After Violence Erupts

Union Police and school district officials placed the high school on lockdown status after violence erupted inside the building ending a three day period of physical altercations and unrest.

According to police, Union Police officials called in ‘extra police forces’ after school administrators lost control of several fights that erupted inside the building, including one altercation that involved a student armed with a hammer.

Authorities say it started when an 18-year-old student showed up at school with a hammer, apparently after an argument with another student in previous days.

The hammer was confiscated and the student was arrested, and no injuries were reported.

There was a second incident around 11 a.m. that prompted the further lockdown, but at this point, authorities are not releasing any information while they investigate.

The armed student was caught on camera, swinging the weapon it in the direction of a security guard who attempted to break up a melee in a hallway.

According to parents who waited for their children outside the building, police arrived at the school and began to search every inch the building when they received reports that several males unlawfully entered the school armed with weapons.

As of 3:53 p.m., police have not confirmed any suspects, weapons, or injured victims inside the school.

One female suffered non-life threatening arm injury after she was trampled while students attempted to run from the incident according to parents who received briefing information from police at the scene.

The Union Police Department is handling the investigation.