UPDATE: Police Arrest Barricaded Union Man Holdng Rifle Inside His Home

Police arrested a Union Man who they engaged in a standoff Monday evening.

According to a statement released by police, at 7:04 PM, police headquarters received a 9-11 call from a resident of Arnet Avenue reporting a family member was acting erratic and was punching walls in the home.

Police say the caller told them that she was afraid and was hiding in a closet with another family member.

Officers Laraway responded to the home to assess the situation and went to the rear of the house and saw the enraged person walking around the residence, holding a shotgun under his arm.

Police say officers moved away from the rear door and awaited other officers to assist.

Additional officers responded and tried to get the distraught man to come out of his home, but he would not leave police said.

Several officers set up a perimeter around the home and waited for additional personnel to arrive.

They also instructed the immediate neighbors to remain in their homes and to stay in the basement of their respective homes until there was no longer any danger.

Police say the Union County SWAT team was notified and responded to the home by 8 PM.

After speaking to the man, officers were able to determine it was safe for the other family members to leave the house and they ran out of the front door about 8:18 PM.

Police say eventually SWAT officers entered the home and located the man who was seen holding the shotgun.

Police room the suspect into custody and later to a hospital for further treatment and a mental health evaluation.

Officers checked the house and there was no one else in the house.

Officers said they seized several guns from the house for safekeeping but would not immediately say if the weapons belong to the suspect or if they were legal for him to have.

No one was injured during this incident.