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UPDATE: “Bomb Threat Placed Newark Charter Schools on Shelter in Place Status” Officials say


A public information request sent to officials at The Marion P. Thomas Charter had officials first contacting parents then sending the following to RLS Metro Breaking News:

"Today, Marion P. Thomas Charter School had an anonymous -false- bomb threat directed at the school. Because we have a single phone number, it was unclear to which building it was directed, so action was taken at all buildings, including evacuations. Thankfully no-one was hurt, and the police came and swept each building to ensure it was clear.

Since the incident happened in the later part of the school day, there was not time to make formal communications to parents, we are presently contacting all families (via a phone blast) to make them aware of the incident and we will send a letter home tomorrow to clarify what happened and explain what safety precautions were taken".

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The Newark Police Department and law enforcement did a fantastic job controlling the situation and checking-securing all buildings.

The incident remains under investigation.