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Union Township School Network Disrupted by Suspected Cyber-Attack

Union Township (Union)

By: Richard L. Smith 

On Saturday, the Union Township School District experienced a significant network disruption believed to be the result of a cyber-attack, prompting an immediate and fast response under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Gerry Benaquista.AdIn response to the attack, the district has taken critical systems offline and launched a thorough investigation with the aid of external cybersecurity experts.

Supt. Benaquista said in a letter to the district that the focus of these efforts is to secure the network, determine the extent of the intrusion, and restore full operational functionality as swiftly as possible.

Superintendent Benaquista expressed gratitude for the patience and diligence of all staff and employees during this challenging time, emphasizing the district's commitment to ensuring the security of its network and the safety of its operations.

As the investigation and restoration processes continue, the district remains cautious but proactive in mitigating any further risks.AdCurrently, the district has not released additional details but promises to keep all relevant parties updated on any significant developments.

The district also urges staff to refer any external inquiries to Mrs. Bernadette Watson, emphasizing the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation and the importance of handling communications carefully.