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Union Township Police Arrest Two Men for Trespassing, Illegal Weapon Possession

Union Township (Union)

By: Richard L. Smith 

In a swift response to a concerned citizen's alert, Union Township Police  apprehended two men, identified as Mr. Ethan Torres and Mr. Quamir Brown, both residents of Union, on charges of trespassing and illegal possession of a firearm.AdThe arrests followed an incident reported on Monday afternoon, around 3:55 PM, when a resident of Halsey Street witnessed two suspicious individuals on her property through her surveillance system.

According to Union Township Police officials, the resident promptly reported her observations to the police, providing descriptions of the trespassers.

Although the initial search at her home was fruitless, officers expanded their investigation area, leading to the identification of Torres and Brown a few blocks away by a Quality of Life officer.

Upon confrontation, one of the suspects attempted to flee but was quickly detained by responding officers.

The situation escalated when one individual, later found to be holding a spent bullet shell casing, resisted arrest.AdUnion Township Police officials said a subsequent search revealed a concealed .25 caliber handgun in his pants pocket, leading to both men being charged with trespassing and illegal gun possession.


The handgun, identified as an F.I.P. .25 caliber, was linked to both Torres and Brown, discovered to have been taken without authorization from a relative’s home.

An additional count of resisting arrest compounded the charges against Torres. Following their apprehension, both individuals were remanded to the Union County Jail, pending a hearing to determine their custody status.

This incident demonstrates the vigilance of the Union Township community and the prompt and effective action of its police force in maintaining safety and upholding the law.Ad