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Union Township High School Fight Causes Lockdown

By rlsmetro on
Union Township (Union)

Union Township officials reported no severe injuries in a melee that broke out at the high school on Monday. 

The midday brawl erupted just after noon, when multiple police, fire, and EMS were dispatched to the location after receiving 911 calls reporting several students engaged in a physical confrontation. 

According to a statement released by Superintendent Dr. Taylor, the school was placed on lockdown around 12:30 p.m. after an unspecified amount of students fought inside a bathroom at the school. 

The heated and physical confrontation moved from the bathroom to the hallway, where teachers and staff attempted to break the fight up. 

According to Superintendent Taylor, the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute between several students that the district was aware of and attempted to alleviate through mediation. 

Even after the lockdown was officially lifted, the situation remained out of control, forcing school officials to modify shelter in place status “to help maintain order and safety.”

Superintendent Taylor said he was not aware of any physical injuries resulting from the fight.

Police detained two students, but no charges have been officially announced.