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Union Township Elementary School Parent Threatens to Shoot up School

By rlsmetro on
Union Township (Union)

According to Union Township Police, on Tuesday at 1:28 PM, police headquarters received a phone call from the school principal at Jefferson Elementary School on Hilton Ave.

The principal reported that she was threatened on the phone by a parent of one of the students.

Police said the principal advised dispatchers that the parent became upset with her and told her she was going to come to the school and shoot the whole place up.

The principal put the school on lockdown and police officers were sent to the school.

Police said the students stayed in their classrooms while officers looked for the parent who made the threat.

The school dismissal was delayed and officers were stationed inside and outside the school to ensure everyone stayed safe.

Officers had been checking near the parent's home and after about 1 hour from the initial call, the officers located the parent while she was returning home.

Police said she was stopped and arrested for the threats she made on the phone to the school principal. After she was arrested, the school returned to normal and the children were dismissed.

The parent was charged with making Terroristic Threats and later sent to the Union County Jail.