Union Police Search for Man Who Allegedly Threatened Animal Shelter Employee at Knifepoint

Union police are trying to identify the man in this sketch accused of threatening an animal shelter employee at knifepoint Thursday morning.

According to authorities, yesterday a man walked into Township Animal Shelter sometime around 9 a.m. and confronted an employee.  

Officials say the male made threatening comments towards the female employee while brandishing a knife.  

Police say the victim feared for her safety and was able to lock herself inside the shelter.  The man disappeared from sight and most likely ran away into the wooded county property behind the Animal Shelter.  

Police describe the man is about 5 feet-10 inches tall. If you recognize this person in the sketch, please contact police at 908-851-5000.

This crime is being investigated by Detective Dominic Nuzzo and he can be reached at 908-851-5030 or DNuzzo@uniontownship.com.