Union Man Charged with Attempted Murder After Ramming Into Police Car

The 49-year-old Union man has been charged with attempted murder after ramming into an officer’s vehicle, sending the officer to the hospital early Sunday morning.

According to police, Michael Castiglione, has had numerous encounters with police as they investigated a series of bias incidents and going as far back as 2010 incident where Castiglione allegedly tried to stab officers with a syringe.

The ordeal began Saturday morning when an officer performing surveillance at Burnet Middle School – following a series of swastikas, derogatory remarks against African-Americans along with hypodermic needles were found in the school’s playground over the past two months - saw Castiglione drive by at high speed around 3 a.m. Although the officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle, a pursuit was never initiated, according to police.

However, a short time after when Castiglione returned to his Berwyn Street home, he was stopped and arrested by officers after he was reportedly found in possession of drug paraphernalia, a knife and a small amount of cocaine. During the arrest, Castiglione allegedly threatened the police officers.

However, Sunday at approximately 4 a.m., Castiglione rammed his 2006 Lincoln Town car into an officer's unmarked car that was performing surveillance at the school. As the injured officer sat in the car, Castiglione allegedly pulled alongside the officer and began cursing at him.

Castiglione was arrested shortly after a brief standoff at his home.

The officer was transported to Overlook Medical Center in Summit with injuries to his neck and back but has since been released, according to police.

Castiglione was charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon (the car) and drug possession. He will be lodged at the Union County Jail with his bail set at $400,000.

Castiglione's father, 80-year-old Anthony Castiglione, was charged with obstructing a police investigation and aggravated assault against an officer, after he allegedly attacked an officer to keep his son from being arrested.

The series of bias crimes remains under investigation.