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Union Man Accused of Biased Intimidation Ordered to Remain in Jail

Union Township (Union)

A judge denied a Union man bail in a case that had the man arrested for biased intimidation.

A man facing bias intimidation charges after authorities say he threatened his neighbors while yelling racial slurs over a parking dispute was ordered held in jail by a judge Wednesday.

According to court documents, Glenn Miller, 59, of Union Township, allegedly shouted racial slurs at an African-American couple and another neighbor who are Portugues and even threatened to kill one of them.

Miller's attorney, Neal Dougherty of the Public Defenders Office, argued that his client is not accused of any violence and should be released pending a trial.

Miller's attorney's argued to the court that his words should not be enough to keep a man locked up because no one was physically hurt.

The judge sided against Miller stating that Miller would be a risk to the neighborhood.

Miller is also accused of taking a five-gallon bucket of drywall plaster and smashing it on the hood of a neighbor's car while the vehicle was occupied.

The investigation is active and ongoing.