Union County Awards Linden Elementary Schools $500 STEM Grants

Eight of Linden’s elementary schools have been awarded a $500 grant through the Union County STEM Scholars Grant program.

“I am delighted that all eight of our elementary schools will be recipients of the Union County STEM grant,” said Linden Supervisor of Science Rose Goldstein. “The grant was inspired by the dedicated work of Susan L. Hudak, a Linden resident and Board of Education member who volunteered her time in our schools. The grant will give students and their parents an opportunity to communicate and work together as they experience science challenges.”

Goldstein said the grants will allow each school to host STEM evenings, where students and families would experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Math challenges together. Families will be divided into groups and spend time at various stations in an attempt to solve the problems presented there. Families would then gather together and share their results in an open discussion, Goldstein said.

“The learning and doing of STEM activities help develop students’ skills and prepare them for a workplace where success results not just from what one knows, but what one is able to do with that knowledge,” she said. “A strong STEM background will help prepare our students to compete on a global level.”
Linden Superintendent Danny A. Robertozzi applauded the program.

“We’re thrilled that the Union County Freeholder Board has chosen to partner with us in boosting our students’ exposure to the STEM disciplines,” he said. “By bringing everyone together for a STEM night, we will be able to reinforce these vital lessons for students and parents in a way that will fun and rewarding.”

The program launched this year under Freeholder Chairman Sergio Granados’ “Moving Union County Forward” initiative with the goal of helping school districts to enhance STEM programs for younger students.

The inspiration for the grant program comes from the Freeholder Christopher Hudak’s mother, Susan L. Hudak, who was a long-time member of the Linden Board of Education before her death in January 2017. Her work included the establishment of a monthly Friday Family Science Night at School No. 6 in Linden for students and their families.