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Two Seperate School Bus Accidents Send Students to Hospital

By kcora on

Two school buses with students onboard crashed this morning in two separate locations in Elizabeth.

According to preliminary reports, the first bus crashed occurred in the area of William and Catherine streets. The second bus crash occurred on 2nd and Pine Street.

According to school officials, the buses involved in this morning’s minor accidents were routes 5A and 26.

“Elizabeth police and EMS responded. A total of 48 students were transported on the buses to trinitas in accordance with Board policy. All parents were notified in accordance with the same district policy.”

All students were transported to area hospitals for evaluations.

Parents relieved to see their kids but unfortunately infuriated about the whole process.

“ I am the mother of a student that attends school 26. I was home when I received an alert that my son was not in school today. I immediately contacted school and at that point I was informed my son was in an accident and was currently at Trinitas. This is unacceptable. My son got on the bus at 6:40 a.m. and it was not until almost 10 a.m. that I was informed.”

“ Daughter attends school 26. I received a call from my neighbor around 10:30 a.m. asking me if I was informed of the crash. In confusion, she explained that our kids bus was involved in an accidents and kids were at Trinitas. I immediately left work and came here. Definitely glad my daughter is ok but this is unacceptable.”

“ I am a parent of student at school 26, I received a call from my child’s school around 9:20 a.m. informing me my child’s bus was in an accident but children were ok.”

“ This is my son’s second accident with the same bus driver. The first occurred the first day of school and I was never notified it was not until a mother at the bus stop informed the following day that I found out. This time around I did find out about the accident but not until my brother in law informed me. Apparently they had his number as the main number instead of mine or my husband.”

While in the emergency room parents voiced that they planned on complaining and mandate actions on how things are handled.

“I’m so glad this was minor but I can not imagine how this would have been handled if this was a serious accident.”