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Two Newark Men Arrested for Robbery at Dollar Tree in Bloomfield


By: Richard L. Smith 

Police in Bloomfield took two Essex County men into custody and charged them with robbing a store in the Township last Thursday. 


According to Bloomfield authorities, officers responded to 135 Bloomfield Avenue (Dollar Tree) on a report of a robbery.

Units arrived and were told by the store manager that two African American males attempted to shoplift from the store.

According to the manager, one suspect dropped his cell phone while attempting to flee the scene.

When the store manager picked up the cell phone, the suspect motioned and threatened as if he was going to shoot everyone.

Fast responding Bloomfield officers arrived on the scene and apprehended Mr. Eric Shaw,  (pictured), and Mr. Willie Armstrong, 49, both from Newark, NJ. Officials said the suspects were transported to Bloomfield Police Headquarters to be processed accordingly.

No injuries were reported.