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Two Galloway Township Police Officers Injured in Aggravated Assault Incident

Galloway Township

By: Richard L. Smith 

On Sunday night, two officers from the Galloway Township Police Department were injured during a violent aggravated assault at a residence in Galloway Township.AHAAccording to a statement released by police, the incident occurred around 8:30 PM, following a 911 hang-up call that led officers to a house on Cresson Avenue.

Upon arriving at the scene to investigate the call, the responding officers were met with violence.

The assault resulted in one officer sustaining a stab wound to the side of his face while the other suffered a head injury.

The circumstances that led to the attack are still being pieced together by investigators.

Both injured officers were quickly transported to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center City Division for urgent medical care.

Reports indicate that one officer has since been released after receiving treatment, while the other remains hospitalized with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities have confirmed that a suspect is currently in custody in connection with the assault on the officers.

 The incident remains under active investigation as officials work to determine the motive behind the assault and ensure justice for the injured officers.