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Title: "A Tale of Two Triumphs: Bergen County School Celebrates Coach's 800 Wins Player’s 1,000 Points

Bergen County

By: Richard L. Smith 

At Holy Angels, it's been a time of double celebration. Coach Susan Liddy and rising basketball star Samantha Serrano have each hit remarkable milestones in their athletic careers, and their achievements have the entire Academy beaming with pride.AHAOn December 30, 2023, Coach Liddy, an emblematic figure at Holy Angels, marked her 800th career victory.

This legendary coach began her journey with the Angels' basketball team in 1974 and has been a cornerstone of the school's athletic success.

Her remarkable feat is not just a number; it's a testament to her dedication, skill, and the bond she shares with her teams over the years.

Just days later, on January 2, 2024, Samantha Serrano, a talented combo guard and a senior at the Academy, scored her 1,000th career point. Her achievement is not just a personal victory; it's a narrative of hard work, persistence, and dreams coming true.


As she shared her thoughts, you could feel the passion and drive that has propelled her journey so far. Her aim is precise – to take her team to the championship and win and then to shine on the basketball courts of a Division 1 college.

Athletic Director Jessica Hogan's admiration for Serrano is evident. She recognizes Serrano as one of the most naturally talented athletes she's seen, and there's a palpable excitement about what she will bring in the rest of the season.

Serrano's prowess on the basketball court, her notable scoring average, and her skillful play have already earned her First Team All-County recognition.

Not just confined to the basketball court, she's also a valuable member of the AHA Softball Team, contributing to its success in the 2023 NJ State Tournament.

For Coach Liddy, her 800th victory reflects her love for the game and her commitment to her players. It's about the journey, the players who believed in her system, and the assistant coaches who stood by her side.

The joy of this milestone is shared with every player she has coached, every assistant who has worked with her, and every game that has led to this moment.AHAThe floor of AHA's gym, aptly named "Lid's Court," honors a coach who is much more than her wins and titles. Coach Liddy's impact goes beyond the court – she's a mentor, a leader, and a cherished member of the Holy Angels community.

Her name echoes in the halls of the New Jersey Coaches Hall of Fame, and her legacy is interwoven with the lives of the countless young athletes she has guided.

As Coach Liddy and Serrano celebrate their achievements, they remind us of the power of dedication, the beauty of team spirit, and the endless possibilities that lie in the pursuit of excellence.

Their stories aren't just about basketball; they're about inspiring generations at Holy Angels and beyond.