NJ Teens Enjoy the Ancient Art of Embroidery While Building Friendships

A new generation is discovering the ancient art of embroidery without leaving their studio at the Academy of the Holy Angels. With direction from art teacher Christine DeGennaro, the Embroidery Club stitches representational and abstract designs that feature color, texture, and pattern.

Officials say club members Allie Pyun of Cresskill, Emily Sapka of North Haledon, Sydni Murado of Union City, Anais Olivier of Ridgewood, Kate Shen of Englewood Cliffs, and Celene He of Fort Lee are developing friendships, coordination, and time-honored skills.

The small group crafts quietly and mindfully, relaxing during this break from classrooms and computer screens.

“Embroidery is really experiencing a resurgence among today's artists. Even if you go to the top galleries in New York City in Chelsea, you will see artists and illustrators using embroidery to create art in new ways,” said DeGennaro.

“In addition to that, it really is a meditative process to slow down and be absorbed by the handiwork involved with sewing the different stitches. It's good for our mind, but it's also physically good for our hearts and helps with stress.”

Club members are invited to create pictures using the straight stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch, running stitch, French knots, and more. As they master the basics, students are encouraged to make their own patterns and create embroidered embellishments for clothing.

No wonder the student motto for the AHA Embroidery Club is “It’s SEW fun!”