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Strong Winds Cause Trees to Fall on House in West Orange, Car in Belleville

Belleville West Orange

By: Richard L. Smith 

Strong winds in Essex County led to two significant incidents on Monday, with trees falling on a house in West Orange and a moving car in Belleville, causing major damage but no serious injuries.

Real In West Orange, a tree from the homeowner's backyard fell onto a house on Oak Ridge Road around 4:45 p.m., causing substantial structural damage.

The tree buckled half of the second floor of the house. West Orange police and fire departments responded quickly, blocking off the area to ensure safety.


Approximately an hour later, at 5:43 p.m., emergency responders were called to the intersection of Union Avenue and Greylock Parkway in Belleville.  


A tree had fallen on a moving car, trapping the driver inside. Police believe the driver was passing through the area when the tree came down.  

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries reported in either incident.