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Social Media Threat at Union Middle School Deemed Not Credible

By kcora on
Union Township (Union)

A school shooting threat reportedly posted on social media Tuesday evening, has been deemed not credible, according to school principal.

School officials this morning sent the following voice message to the parents of Kawameeh Middle School students:

Good morning,

This is Jason Malanda, Principal of Kawameeh Middle School.

“I’m calling this morning regarding an incident that occurred late last night on a social media platform.” “It was brought to our attention that a student posted a comment in reference to a school shooting. Thanks to the awareness of one of our students and their parents, the Union Police Department was immediately made aware and began an investigation last night. The student in question was brought into Police Headquarters with his parents for interviews.  At this point in time, the investigation is ongoing, which included a search of the home.”

“The Police Department has been in regular contact with building administration and currently reports that the threat is not credible. We will continue to monitor reports from the Police Department.  The Police Department will continue their walk-throughs of our building and grounds to ensure that our children and staff are safe at all times.”

“Any further developments will be communicated through the school or central office.  Thanks, and have a great day.”

According to officials, police have deemed the threat not credible.