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SMILES FOR SAN JUAN, EL SALVADOR: Bergen County Twin Sisters Spread Joy Through Giving

Bergen County


Ad By: Richard L. Smith 

Twin sisters Hope and Kellie Brussel from Ridgewood share a unique bond with each other and Patty Alvarado, a dear family friend.

Patty's unwavering support during their childhood led the sisters to embark on a heartwarming journey of giving back.

Recognizing Patty's generous spirit, Hope and Kellie initiated "Smiles for San Juan" a few years ago.


It all began with their outgrown soccer gear finding new life in Patty's hometown, San Juan, El Salvador.

The Brussel twins expanded their project from donating sports equipment to supplying age-appropriate books, educational games, puzzles, and even reusable water bottles.

Their initiative had a ripple effect, with friends and allies joining their cause.

The Brussel family's generosity became a bridge of kindness, connecting their community in Ridgewood with students in El Salvador.

They even sent a computer to Patty's son, Andrew, allowing heartwarming reunions through video chats.


Hope and Kellie are committed to expanding their outreach as they approach their senior year at Ridgewood High School.

Their dedication to bringing smiles and fostering connections shows that where there's a need, there's always hope.

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Through "Smiles for San Juan," Hope and Kellie remind us that acts of kindness have the power to create a profound impact, transcending borders and languages.

Our RLS Media Staff salutes these extraordinary young ladies from Bergen County.