School Closure At-Home Learning Routines for ANY Child in ANY School in NJ

Schools across Newark, and other towns and cities, have closed for at least two weeks. Students have been sent home with or are picking up learning packets to complete at home. Regardless of a child’s school, these packets cover days of material and parents are expected to make sure children get them done!

Inspired by the many examples of schedules already shared on FB, Creed and ALI teamed up to create “School Closure Daily Schedules” for different grade bands. There are At-Home Learning Routines for Pre-School, Kindergarten to Grade 2, Grade 3 to Grade 8, and High School. These schedules provide greater detail and structure for parents/grandparents/babysitters that may need more support and are organized to create time for the content areas most children will be asked to work on while at home.

Importantly, the schedules also accommodate the need for breakfast/lunch pick-up from neighborhood sites.

We created these schedules to work together when children are of different ages. So meals, physical activities, and enrichment can be done with all children together.

These are guides. We know every household has different needs and different realities. Adjust and use them to meet the needs of the children in your care.

If you need assistance with connecting to additional resources, call the Abbott leadership Institute at 973-353-3520.