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Robbinsville Police Dispatcher Charged with Stealing More Than $250,000 in Township Property

Robbinsville Township

Mercer County officials announced today that a 21-year employee of the Robbinsville Township Police Department has been charged with stealing and selling property and equipment belonging to the police department for personal gain.

According to officials, on Friday, August 11, a criminal complaint was signed charging Eric Coran, 41, of Medford, with official misconduct, multiple counts of theft, criminal computer activity and impersonation, and money laundering. 

Coran has been employed by the Robbinsville Township Police Department as a communications officer since 2002. 

His responsibilities included purchasing, ordering, programming, and maintaining police equipment, including police radios, emergency lights, sirens and controllers. 

Officials stated that Coran was terminated from his job on Friday after being suspended without pay since July 2022.

The charges are the result of an investigation by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Public Corruption Unit and the Robbinsville Township Police Department. 

The investigation revealed that between July 2021 and July 2022, Coran abused his position by fraudulently obtaining and altering purchase orders issued by the Township of Robbinsville to make unauthorized purchases for his own uses; making unauthorized purchases for his own uses utilizing the township’s Amazon account; and utilizing other means to steal Robbinsville property and funds.

According to the investigation, Coran also sold various police radios, emergency lights, sirens and controllers over the internet using an alias and mailed them throughout the United States utilizing his Medford residence as a return address. 

The approximate value of the stolen property is more than $250,000. 

The investigation also revealed Coran utilized the credentials of both Chief Christopher Nitti and Chief Polaski without authorization to access and make alterations in a software program used by the Township of Robbinsville for budgeting and financial purposes to further and cover up his crimes.

“No one is above the law, especially public servants,” Prosecutor Onofri said. “Individuals who abuse their positions and violate public trust should be prepared to face the consequences.”

“Eric was a long-time, trusted employee serving 21 years with the police department. He was an important member of the team,” Chief Polaski said. “We were both shocked and disappointed to learn that this had been going on.”

Coran’s criminal acts were uncovered in July when Motorola contacted the Robbinsville Township Police Department regarding service of one of the stolen radios. 

The matter was brought to the attention of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office and a joint investigation ensued.