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Police Searching For Two Bloomfield Walgreens Shoplifting Suspects


Bloomfield Police are investigating a shoplifting incident on august 14 at around 12:10 pm at a Walgreens located at 17 Belleville Avenue.

Officials say the suspects came from Belleville Avenue and Willet Street into the shopping mall complex.

According to authorities, the male suspect loaded the Shoprite reusable bag up with assorted headphones and exited the store without the blue long sleeve shirt.

He crossed the parking lot, changed out of his signature bright blue bucket hat, and rejoined the female with the cane in the last photo.

Police said the suspect turned over the stolen merchandise to the female, who put it into her backpack.

The two suspects then continue eastbound on Belleville Ave, headed towards Belleville.

If you know the identity of any of the two pictured suspects please contact- Det. Sue Looges (973) 680-4086, cell (862) 283-5689,  Slooges@BloomfieldNJPD.comYu