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Police Nab Newark, Irvington Men and Juvenile for Illegal Weapon Possession, Attempted Burglaries in Union

Union Township (Union)

By: Richard L. Smith 

A vigilant Union Township resident's quick thinking and prompt action led to the arrest of three individuals, two adults and one juvenile, for attempted motor vehicle burglaries and illegal possession of a firearm.AdThe incident unfolded on the morning of Tuesday, April 2nd, around 11 AM, when a local observed suspicious behavior on Stecher Avenue

The resident reported to the police that two men disembarked from a vehicle, donned face masks, and began to check car door handles, attempting to gain unauthorized access.

The suspects then returned to their vehicle and drove away, but not before the observant resident had alerted 9-1-1.

Keeping the dispatchers informed, the resident provided real-time updates on the suspects' location, enabling police officers to swiftly locate and intercept the vehicle on Vauxhall Road near Lincoln Technical Institute.

WeaponsUpon stopping the vehicle, officers conducted an on-site investigation, which resulted in the discovery of a pink SCCY 9mm CPX-1 handgun concealed under the driver’s seat.AdThe find led to the arrest of Mr. Demo Clenord of Irvington Township, Mr. Arron Ellis of Newark and a 17-year-old juvenile from Williamstown New Jersey who were subsequently charged with attempted motor vehicle burglaries and illegal possession of the handgun.

Following their arrest, the adults were detained at the Union County Jail, while the 17-year-old juvenile was sent to a detention center.

Hearings will be held to determine whether they will be held or released.

Police said the vehicle involved was impounded as part of the ongoing investigation.

Union Township Police have praised the community's alertness and cooperation in this case, emphasizing the importance of reporting suspicious activities.Ad“If you see something odd in your neighborhood, please call us, and we will figure out what’s going on,” stated police officials, stressing the critical role residents play in maintaining neighborhood safety and security.