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Police Announce Arrest of NY Man Linked to 15 Year Old NJ Home Invasion Robbery Case

By kcora on
New Jersey Bergen County New York

DNA found on a mask left behind 15 years ago during the home invasion robbery of a Bergen County pizzeria owner linked a New York man to the crime.

According to authorities, on May 25, 2003, thieves wearing Halloween masks entered the Bergen County home through a basement window and tied the resident to a chair while they ransacked his home, ultimately stealing nearly $200,000 from a safe.

Responding detectives recovered a mask and a .22-caliber handgun at the scene left behind by one of the suspects. Despite developing several suspects, no arrests were made, police added.

However, that all changed this week when Mahwah police announced that DNA found on the mask linked a New York man to the robbery.

According to authorities, based on DNA, Paul Shkreli, 45, of Yonkers, - who is currently at the Westchester County Jail - was charged with kidnapping, robbery, armed burglary, theft of more than $75,000, and weapons charges.

Officials say Shkreli will eventually be extradited to New Jersey to face charges.

According to Mahwah police, Shkreli and two other suspects - who remain at large - appear to have been linked to two other home invasion investigations at the pizzeria owner's home with a year from the 2003 incident.