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Pedestrian Severely Injured in Vehicle Strike in Roselle


By: Richard L. Smith 

Union County authorities are currently probing a severe pedestrian accident that occurred in Roselle on Friday afternoon.

Emergency responders were alerted to the incident at the junction of 2nd Avenue and Chestnut Street around 2:25 p.m., following multiple reports of a person being hit by a vehicle.AdUpon arrival, police and EMS teams discovered an unidentified individual who had suffered severe injuries due to a car collision near the intersection.

The victim, found unconscious and unresponsive, received immediate CPR from medical personnel at the scene. Subsequently, they were swiftly transported to University Hospital in Newark for further treatment.

The severity of their condition necessitates an ongoing investigation.

The intersection was closed by police as part of their active inquiry into the incident. The Union County Crash Investigation Unit was summoned to assist in unraveling the details that led up to this unfortunate event.

Their investigation is expected to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the collision.