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Pedestrian Severely Injured in Late-Night Roselle Incident


By: Tracie Carter 

Roselle Police are currently investigating a serious incident that occurred late Thursday night, where a pedestrian was struck and severely injured.AdThe event happened shortly before 10:20 p.m., starting police and emergency medical services to respond to reports of an injured person near 350 West 1st Avenue.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered an unidentified victim lying unconscious on the ground.

Immediate life-saving measures were taken at the scene, where the victim received CPR before being swiftly transported to a nearby hospital for further medical treatment.

The circumstances surrounding the incident, including how the collision occurred, are under thorough investigation by the Roselle Police.AdAuthorities are seeking any witnesses or individuals with information related to the event to come forward to assist in clarifying the events that led to this severe injury.

Details about the victim's current condition remain undisclosed as the investigation continues.