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Paterson Police Foot Pursuit Ends in Arrest of Man Armed with Gun

By rlsmetro on

According to a statement released by police, at approximately 4:05 a.m., Paterson Police Department Emergency Response Unit 514 was on routine patrol in the area of the 4th ward.

Police say on May 23rd, 2019, there was a “Shotspotter” activation near the intersection of Rosa Parks and Keen Street indicating numerous rounds were fired.

The unit was patrolling Rosa Parks Boulevard when they observed a large group at the intersection of Rosa Parks and Putnam Street. The individuals were on both sides of the intersection and walking into traffic, smoking, drinking and playing loud music.

Police say the officer’s attention was drawn to a male later identified as Jacim Pitts who appeared alarmed with the presence of the marked Police Unit.

As the unit drove by the group the male immediately began walking away from the group down Rosa Parks towards Lyon Street and away from the police unit.

Police say the suspect continued to exhibit peculiar behavior, as he walked, he continued to remain focused on the police officers turning his head to keep an observation as to the officers’ location and actions.

Police officials say Officer M. Bashir drove parallel to where the above individual was walking and observed a large heavy object on the male’s right hip causing it to weigh down his clothing.

When the individual noticed the police unit upon him and immediately turned around and began walking the opposite direction on Rosa Parks towards Putnam Street to avoid the officers' officials said.

The officers believed Mr. Pitts was armed with a weapon and the officer rolled down his window and made contact with the suspect by asking him to speak with him.

Police say Officer M. Bashir engaged in pursuit when Mr. Pitts immediately began fleeing on foot while holding against the heavy object with his hand towards Mercer Street.

While Officer J. Dabal, ran into the street to intercept Pitts, Bashir continued to pursue Pitts on foot and again observed him holding onto the heavy object with his hand as he was running police said.

Mr. Pitts then turned onto Mercer Street towards Lyon Street when Bashir observed Pitts discard a Black handgun over the fence of 96 Lyon Street and Pitt’s continued fleeing onto Butler Street where officers briefly lost sight of Pitts.

Units continued searching the area while receiving information from a concerned citizen that indicated Pitt’s scaled a gate and was in the yard at 99 Lyon Street.

Officer Bashir and Dabal checked the yard and set up a perimeter for Pitts to stop him from fleeing again officials said.

During the search of the area, Officer Dabal observed Mr. Pitts lying down on the rear steps of the location. Officer Dabal attempted to take Pitt’s into custody but was met with resistance as Bashir entered the area and both officers were able to overcome the resistance and take Pitt’s in custody.

Officers M. Escobar and J. Traynor assisted and recovered the handgun discarded by Pitt’s on the side lawn of 96 Lyon Street police said.

The Paterson Detective Unit was notified and collected a Black, Glock Model 23 loaded with (4) rounds, but had the magazine capacity of (13).

The (4) .40 caliber rounds in the magazine and (1) .40 caliber round in the chamber.

The weapon, magazine, and rounds were secured and transported to Paterson Headquarters for investigation.

EMS transported Mr. Pitts to St. Joseph’s Hospital where he was treated and released with minor injuries.

Pitts was released and medically cleared and transported to Paterson Police Headquarters for processing.

The serial number of the weapon was checked via NCIC for ownership and results showed the weapon was reported stolen out of Sumter County, South Carolina.

Mr. Pitts had charged filed for obstructing a governmental function, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, prohibited weapons and devices (Large Capacity Magazine) and receiving stolen property.