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Orange Police Investigate Female Group Fight Over Cash Near Park


Police in Orange have launched an investigation into a fight that sent three females to the hospital Sunday. 

In one of two physical altercations that caused injuries in Orange over the weekend, police were notified by a West Orange woman who reported that she and several of her friends were beaten, maced, and had bleached tossed on them by women they fought near Orange Park. 

Police say the email complainant said she invited a woman by phone -that she knew- to the area of High and Alden Street to settle a dispute over money owed after learning the woman she received a stimulus check and wouldn't pay a debt. 

According to police, the complainant and the invited woman all showed up at the park with several friends and began tearing into each other in what started as a 'fair' fight. 

The altercation ended when the other group of women produced weapons, in the form of pepper spray and spray bottles, then activated the substances during the fight. 

The injured reportedly checked into Mountainside Hospital for treatment of minor wounds and exposure. 

Police say none of the women suffered serious injuries and the incident remains under investigation. 

Officials warned residents to never meet up with anyone to engage in a fight. "Fortunately, no one was severely injured," officials said. 

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