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Orange Police Bust Robbery Suspects, Weapon Recovered After Foot Chase 


Police in Orange busted two suspects reportedly attempting a daring robbery in the city on December 23. 

Officials said it happened in the area of Pierson Street. 

Officers from the Orange Police Department were investigating a violent robbery in which the victim was beaten, robbed, and forced to surrender his bank card and PIN.  

According to officials, based on information obtained by the victim, officers determined that the suspects fled the robbery scene in a black sport utility vehicle.

Detective Sergeant Jashan Carter and Detective Edward Hall learned that the vehicle was parked in an East Orange parking lot at 90 Washington Street near the Orange border.  

Officials say Sergeant Carter observed two males in a black 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the area and they alerted other units.

Detectives Hall, Sergeant Rennie Wilson, Officers David Cadet, Eric Geronimo, Justin Henriquez, Mathew Bader and Stevens Rojas responded to the area. They set up a perimeter and immediately converged on to the vehicle in an attempt to safely conduct an investigatory stop. 

Officers announced their presence and detained an occupant identified as Mr. Ali Dupree, 35, of Belleville. 

A second suspect ran eastbound on Washington Street. As other officers engaged in a foot pursuit of the fleeing suspect, Sergeant Wilson and Officer Cadet remained with Suspect Dupree.  

Officials say once secured, Officer Cadet turned Dupree over to Sergeant Wilson and engaged in the foot pursuit. 

A third suspect appeared near the Wells Fargo Bank located at 679 Park Avenue, East Orange. 

This business parking lot has multiple entrances onto Washington Street adjacent to where Orange Police Officers were investigating the black Jeep Grand Cherokee for the robbery. 

The foot pursuit of the second suspect resulted in his apprehension by Officers. This suspect, Mr. Armani Tyndale, 25, of Brooklyn, NY, carried a fully loaded Taurus Model PT145 Pro .45 caliber handgun in his waist area.

He threw the weapon to the ground during the chase and Officer Cadet immediately recovered it. 

Tyndale was placed under arrest and charged with possessing a handgun and resisting arrest by flight. 

Dupree was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. The third suspect was identified by officers but remained at large after fleeing into East Orange.  

That suspect is still under investigation. 

Police Director Todd R. Warren and Chief of Police Vincent Vitiello commended the officers involved in removing violent offenders and weapons off the streets of the City of Orange Township. 

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq, praised the officers for their “swift action to remove armed criminals off the streets of Orange and to make our City safer for our families and neighbors.”  

Remember, crime prevention is everybody’s business. If you see any criminal activity, the Orange Police Department wants to know about it.  

Use the Anonymous Tip Line by calling 973-666-0097. For emergencies, please call 911.