Open-Air Drug Deal Results in Gunfire in East Orange

An apparent drug deal that went terribly wrong had gunfire erupting on an East Orange street on Friday evening.

Hospital officials at East Orange General immediately contacted police when a male victim suffering a gunshot wound to the chest enetered the emergency room shortly before 8 p.m.

The victim reported to authorities that the shooting occurred in the vicinity of Elliot Street and Sanford just before being transported by private vehicle to the hospital.

Officers arrived at the scene and found evidence that a shooting occurred then set up a crime scene to investigate.

Residents in the area told RLS Media that the open-air drug distribution is beginning to “get out of control” which is not unusual for the summer months.

The suspect responsible for the shooting remains at-large.

A request for public information regarding the shooting and safety of residents went unanswered by city officials.

Elliot, East Orange, NJ