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NY Duo Charged with Kenilworth Burglary

Kenilworth New York

Kenilworth Police Detectives and Officers have been commended by Chief John Zimmerman in arresting and charging two suspects involved in a residential burglary in Kenilworth this past summer.

“Good teamwork and a concerted effort by the Kenilworth Police Department resulted in a most positive outcome”, stated Chief John Zimmerman.

The Kenilworth Police Department announced on that two suspects have been charged with an August 8th house burglary.

According to police, Jorge Guevara, 36, of Bayside NY and his girlfriend Johana Gomez, 38, of Astoria, NY, have been charged with burglary and theft after a 3 month long investigation.

Police responded to a report of a break in after a resident arrived home from work and saw that their home had been entered and ransacked. Responding patrol officers arrived on location and cleared the residence before requesting detectives to the scene.

Kenilworth Police Detective Ed Paster arrived on scene shortly after to collect evidence and speak with the victim.

After a canvas by officers, police say a neighboring house caught the two suspects and their vehicle on surveillance cameras shortly after 9 a.m.

Detective Paster further investigated and worked closely with several neighboring agencies as well as New York authorities before collecting enough evidence to charge the two suspects.

Both suspects were also implicated in at least 20 burglaries by neighboring towns in New Jersey and New York dating back to January of this year.

As of this date, both suspects remain incarcerated in the Nassau County NY Jail and have no scheduled date to appear in the Union County Superior Court.

Bail for each suspect was set at $70,000.