Noticeable Violent Crime Decrease in Orange as Police Conduct ”Operation Valley Fresh” Drug Raids

Staunch 24-hour police enforcement and community safety initiatives put into place by Orange City officials has resulted in a drop in violent crime as dedicated police officers continue to weed out individuals who commit violent and non-violent quality of life issues in the one square mile Essex County city.

In one of the city's stringent enforcement scenarios, on Thursday, August 6, Chief Vincent L. Vitiello stated that detectives of his department’s narcotics unit have completed a successful investigation in the Valley section of the town.

According to Chief Vitiello, Members of the Orange Police Department Street Crimes Gang & Narcotics Task Force executed a search warrant operation dubbed “OPERATION VALLEY FRESH” as a result of a long-term investigation into the illegal distribution of narcotics in the area of 680 Langdon Street.

Chief Vitiello said targets of this investigation were identified as Mr. Nafiz Gomez, 24, and Mr. Karon Gomez, 43, both of Orange.

Both suspects were actively involved in the illegal distribution of narcotics according to Chief Vitiello

Detectives from the Orange Police Department Street Crimes Gang & Narcotics Task Force have been consistently investigating the marijuana trade in the Valley section of Orange due to the recent increase of violence in the area of 575 Nassau Street.

Chief Vitiello said Detectives conducted covert surveillance and witnessed purchases of illegal narcotics from 680 Langdon Street.

”It has been determined that this location was being utilized as a 24-hour drive-up marijuana distribution point,” Chief Vitiello said.

Police also arrested Mr. Lovell Cambell, 42 and Mr. Lamar White, 26, of Orange for various drug possession and illegal drug distribution charges.

”The Orange Police Department would like to thank the citizens who participated in the recent Police Community Council meeting,” Chief Vitiello said.

”The Citizen tips and communication was an asset throughout this investigation,” Chief Vitiello concluded.

IMAGE (L-R) K. Gomez, L. White, N. Gomez, L. Campbell