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NJ TRANSIT Welcomes Public Input on Bus Network Redesign Recommendations


NJ TRANSIT will hold two virtual sessions for the public to provide input on the proposed recommendations for the NewBus Newark initiative, a project to redesign the local intrastate bus network in the greater Newark area for the first time in several decades. 

The public sessions will include an opportunity to view proposed recommendations, review the presentation on the project’s objectives as well as an opportunity for public comments and project input. 

The public feedback collected at the virtual meetings will be incorporated into NJ TRANSIT’s final plans.

NewBus Newark Virtual Public Meetings will be held on Thursday, August 12 at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Please visit the project website to register for the meeting.

For those without access to a computer or smart device, please contact the project team at (862) 800-5368 for assistance. 

Spanish and Portuguese language translation services will be available as well and can be requested during the meeting registration process.  

Over the last few months, NJ TRANSIT has been gathering feedback from customers regarding the NewBus Newark initiatives. 

The proposed recommendations include expanded hours and weekend service, increased frequency, and new routes that will enhance the NJ TRANSIT customer experience.  

Following the August 12th virtual public meetings, there will be a public input period through September 9th, where customers can continue to share feedback.

To help create the NewBus Newark plans, NJ TRANSIT has been reviewing data from the U.S. Census, ridership databases, and customer satisfaction surveys to learn about the local demand for transit and how customers use the network. 

The following are highlights of the information NJ TRANSIT has learned so far:

  • In October 2019, the 38 routes in the study area carried an average of 180,000 customers each weekday, with the top seven routes accounting for 50 percent of the ridership within the entire study area.
  • NJ TRANSIT bus riders rely on our service for their mobility: 44% do not own a car, 58% have household incomes below $35,000, and 80% ride the bus five or more times a week. Using U.S. Census data, NJ TRANSIT will determine where there are higher concentrations of zero-vehicle and low-income households to see where there may be higher demand for bus service.
  • Existing bus service is oriented towards work trips with more service offered during the typical early morning and late afternoon commute periods. Increasing bus service during the midday and evenings will help expand ridership by inviting more of the public to ride the bus for non-work purposes. 

Recommendations from the NewBus Newark initiative will seek to better address the greater Newark area’s mobility needs and enhance connections to other regional transportation services.

Completion of the NewBus Newark study and final recommendations are expected by this fall.

For more information on the project please visit

The NewBus Newark Fact Sheet is available HERE.