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NJ Transit Train Fatally Strikes Pedestrian Near Madison Station


By: Richard L. Smith

AdTransit Police are currently investigating a tragic incident involving a deadly train strike that occurred this afternoon, causing significant delays on the Morris & Essex Line.

The incident unfolded at approximately 3:33 p.m. when Morris & Essex Line train 6635, which had departed from Penn Station, New York, at 2:32 p.m. with a scheduled arrival time of 4:05 p.m. in Dover, struck and fatally injured an adult male just west of Madison station.

Fortunately, none of the 60 passengers or crew members on board sustained any injuries.

Due to the incident, the Morris & Essex Line rail service is currently experiencing delays of up to 60 minutes in both directions.

New Jersey Transit Police are at the scene, spearheading the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Passengers are advised to stay updated on service delays and to exercise patience as the situation unfolds.