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NJ Revokes License of Essex County Doctor Who Had Sexual Relations, Bore Child with Cognitively Impaired Patient


Nino By: Richard L. Smith 

Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, along with the Division of Consumer Affairs, has announced a significant decision by the State Board of Medical Examiners to revoke a physician's license due to grave misconduct.

The physician, Dr. Jashvant Amin, an internist and hematologist practicing in Orange, NJ, has lost his license after allegations emerged that he engaged in sexual relations with a cognitively impaired patient, who later bore his child in 1986.

Officials say the revocation of Dr. Amin's license comes as a result of a Board investigation into the reported misconduct. The investigation revealed that Dr. Amin had been involved in a sexual relationship with a patient who had suffered a cognitive impairment due to a prior brain injury.

This misconduct, as outlined in a Consent Order filed by the Board, is seen as a breach of professional ethics and an abuse of the patient's vulnerability.

The patient's son, now an adult, filed a complaint against Dr. Amin, which led to the investigation. The investigation provided "uncontroverted evidence" of Dr. Amin's unethical and inappropriate behavior, which violates the standards of moral character required for healthcare professionals in New Jersey.

Attorney General Platkin emphasized the seriousness of such actions, especially when involving a vulnerable patient. He stated that the revocation of Dr. Amin's medical license reflects the commitment to safeguarding the public from exploitation by medical professionals.

Cari Fais, Acting Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs, condemned Dr. Amin's behavior, asserting that such predatory conduct has no place in the medical profession.

She commended the Board's decision to permanently revoke his license, effectively preventing him from practicing medicine in the state.

State officials say the investigation further confirmed that the patient in question had become pregnant while under Dr. Amin's care. DNA testing confirmed the child to be Dr. Amin's biological son.

The Board justified the revocation of Dr. Amin's license by citing his violation of professional laws and regulations, which put the patient's life, health, and welfare in danger.


As part of the Consent Order, Dr. Amin is barred from reapplying for a medical license in the state, entering his former medical offices during patient hours, engaging in patient contact, rendering medical care, and more.

Investigators within the Enforcement Bureau of the Division of Consumer Affairs carried out the investigation.

The revocation of Dr. Amin's license is a strong reminder of their dedication to upholding ethical standards and ensuring patient safety within the medical profession.