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NJ Homeowner Opens Fire on Burglary Suspects; Injuries Reported


By: Richard L. Smith 

In a late-night confrontation that has shaken a Trenton neighborhood, a homeowner fired several rounds at individuals suspected of attempting to burglarize his home, injuring at least one of them.

AdThe incident took place around 10:30 p.m. on the quiet 20's block of Bert Avenue.

According to preliminary reports, the homeowner, alarmed by the sounds of two people breaking into the residence, armed himself and discharged his weapon during the encounter.

One suspect was hit by the gunfire, though it remains uncertain whether the second suspect sustained injuries in the shooting.

Emergency responders quickly transported the wounded suspect to a nearby hospital in critical condition, though details regarding the severity of his injuries have yet to be disclosed by the Trenton Police.AdThe investigation is still in its early stages, but law enforcement is actively pursuing leads to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this incident. 

The Trenton Police Department continues its thorough investigation into the situation.