Nearly 100 Fed by Group who 'Wanted to Make a Difference' for Thanksgiving Holiday at Newark's IYO

A group of women pulled their last bit of resources, cash and limited donations to give nearly a hundred Newarkers a chance to enjoy a piece of the Thanksgiving tradition on Wednesday evening.

According to organizers, the group of five Newark women (Virginia, Nicole, Victoria, Nyla, and Nydira ) came up with the idea after Virginia saw the need to assist the community but thought it would be a challenge mainly because of money and finding a place to host the free humanitarian event.

The ladies played an even role in making sure the event was successful with Nicole and Vicky preparing much of the food. Nyla even went as far as passing out and posting fliers for the event around the community -until 1 a.m.- on some nights, according to organizers.

"We all wanted to feed those in need, but then it turned out to be even more beautiful. Everyone from the community came, people came in for breakfast, and they also enjoyed the dinner feast" organizers told RLS Metro Breaking News.

The event began at 9 am and extended through the day, with the group only taking a small break to prepare for dinner at the International Youth Organization located 703 South 12th Street.

"The staff at the IYO in Newark were accommodating and provided the space -for FREE- along with helping to set up the area for the community," organizers said.

Founded by former Newark Fireman and Special Police Officer, Mr. James and Carolyn Wallace observed the myriad dangers that awaited young people on street corners 'Giving kids a route off the streets" was his idea to help improve young people and their families live to help them realize their full potential and to be productive citizens.

The International Youth Organization is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 that has been serving the Newark/Essex County area for over 40 years, according to the organization's webpage.

When Virginia came up with the thought, it was all out of love for her community and her urge to help anyone she could at any time.

"The flyer may have said those in need, but when I tell you everyone that walked through the door was fed and welcomed with open arms, it was unbelievable," said organizers.

The menu that was served for the day: Breakfast started with bagels and donuts, OJ and Coffee.

Organizers said the dinner feast was turkey, gravy, baked macaroni & cheese, greens, rice and peas, stuffing, yams, macaroni salad, sweet potato pie, a white sheet cake.

"Whatever food was leftover, we prepared plates and passed them out to people outside," according to organizers.

"Our hearts were so warm by the end of the night."